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Romar Academy seeks to develop the physical, mental, and social abilities of its’ students by providing resources necessary for students to attain their highest academic potential, by providing an environment in which students have the opportunity to become involved in non-competitive physical activities and by providing the social interaction with different groups of students to help them develop an appreciation of the different cultures in the world today.


With science and technology playing such an integral role in one’s daily life, Romar seeks to develop high academic standards in each student by using the scientific method to develop thinking skills necessary to help students solve problems at school and away from school.  With this problem solving ability, Romar believes that students will develop the confidence and self-esteem that will help them become citizens in their communities, workplaces, and schools.


Learning the things I need to succeed while,

Caring for others is my good deed.

Growing in knowledge to reach my goal of

Sharing happiness for all to behold!!!




That all children are created with varying levels of reasoning abilities;

That the ability to reason is directly proportional to the child’s academic development;

That given the proper environment and adequate stimulation each child will use his/her reasoning ability to excel in as many academic areas as possible;

That children should develop adequate communication skills, both written and verbal, that will prepare them to function in everyday life; and

That with all of its resources and talent, the metro Atlanta area should have a private school that is second to none.


Goals and Objectives


Respect  – to develop respect for self, one’s neighbor, and one’s property.  By developing respect, a sense of confidence and integrity are also developed that propel the student to higher standards.


Obligation – to develop in each student a sense of obligation to use time wisely by completing assignments on time, by developing good study habits, and by understanding the importance of helping one’s neighbor.


Motivation – to motivate students to reach their highest academic potential by providing a stimulating atmosphere for study, by providing time for academic inquiry, and by providing the materials necessary for students to carry out their pursuits.


Achievement – to stimulate academic achievement by acknowledging students when they perform well, by providing an array of cultural and academic activities, and by providing field trips that are essential to the cultural and academic enhancement of the student.


Responsibility – to make students aware that they are responsible for their actions at home, at school, and in the community.  By developing responsibility, they develop the skills needed to cope with life’s situations, and they develop problem solving skills needed to handle these situations.


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To develop and enrich the mental, physical, and social abilities of its students by providing an atmosphere where students have the opportunity and desire to flourish.

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