About Romar Academy: Faculty/Staff

We recognize that out teachers are the heartbeat of Romar Academy. We take great pride in the excellence of service delivered by faculty and staff to our students daily. All Pre-School classes are assigned both a primary teacher and a teacher assistant. All Kindergarten through 5th Grade teachers hold a minimum of a Bachelor of Science in Education degree. Our teachers possess an average of 12 years education related experience.


Our Teachers provide a physical environment that is conducive to learning and reflective of the different stages of development.  Teachers are responsible for implementing the education program and plan daily activities for all children enrolled in the class as related to the goals and objectives of Romar Academy.


Our Assistant Teachers implement classroom activities as directed by the classroom teacher.


Our After School Coordinator is responsible for implementing a safe, nurturing, and stimulating program for children who are enrolled in he After School Program.


Faculty and Staff


Pre-K 2

Ms. O. Wright

Ms. G. Saffold


Pre-K 3

Ms. D. Mitchell


Pre-K 4

Ms. S. Mitchell

Ms. S. Banks



Mrs. M. Glymph

Mrs. T. Truitt


1st Grade

Ms. G. Martin

Ms. C. Taylor


2nd Grade

Mrs. J. Jackson


3rd Grade

Ms. D. Brown


4th Grade

Ms. P. Reid


5th Grade

Mr. K. Carter


Specialty Classes

Mrs. P. Reid – Science

Mr. D. Truitt – Computer Class

Mr. W. Campbell – Physical Education


After School

Mr. D. Truitt

Mr. Q. McGuire

Mr. T. Mathis

Mr. W. Campbell



Mr. Robert Hinson – Co-Founder

Mr. John Hinson – Co-Director/Accounts Manager

Mr. Jeff Hinson – Co-Director

Ms. A. Perkins - Registrar


Mrs. L. Hunter – Receptionist

Mrs. L. Terrell – Cafeteria


Mr. D. Reid – Custodian


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Our Vision

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To develop and enrich the mental, physical, and social abilities of its students by providing an atmosphere where students have the opportunity and desire to flourish.

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