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We have prepared some Frequently Asked Questions most often asked of us by parents and students:


1. Are uniforms required for Pre-School students?

Uniforms are not required for Pre-School students.


2. Is Smart Tuition sign-up required?

Smart Tuition is Romar Academy’s payment processing company. If you select the Monthly or Quarterly Payment Plan Options, you are required to sign up for their service.


3. Is there a fee for Smart Tuition service?

No, there is no fee to sign up with Smart Tuition, you will only be charged the agreed upon Romar Academy tuition fees.


4. Does Romar Academy have a list of recommended uniform vendors? If so, am I required to use their service?

Romar Academy recommends Buckhead School Uniforms and Optima Uniforms. You are not required to use these vendors, as long as the requirements are met for the Romar Academy uniform.


5. Is there a separate fee for Lunch?

Lunch is included in the tuition for Pre-School students; however there is a separate $3 daily lunch fee for Kindergarten through 5th grade students. Lunch fees can be pre-paid.


Reservation Fees are paid directly to Romar Academy, for the upcoming school year. If the reservation fee is not received by the due date – February 28th, your child will have to register based on availability and forfeit any priority status.


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