Our Parents

We are dedicated to keeping our parents informed on what is happening within the school, with academic and outside of classroom programs, as well as follow up on information requested at PTA meetings of through our online portal.


The goal is to ensure that all parents have as much information as they need regarding their child's growth and development.  We will post newsletters on this page and announcements.

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Calendar of Events

Check out the events and/or activities planned for the Academic School Year so you can keep up with what's happening at Romar.


Admissions Process

Make sure we have all we need to ensure no interruption of your child's academic progress.



Whether it be PTA, Romar Alumni Association, or the Peggy A. Martin Hinson Foundation, check out what's happening.

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Our Vision

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To develop and enrich the mental, physical, and social abilities of its students by providing an atmosphere where students have the opportunity and desire to flourish.

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