Academics: Pre-Kindergarten

The Pre-Kindergarten program is an advanced kindergarten readiness program that builds upon the skill sets developed in the Pre-School Program.  Students receive increased academic instruction and are expected to have verbal skills, writing skills, phonics (decoding and encoding) skills, logical and critical thinking skills, reasoning skills and able to perform in a group or class environment upon entering the Pre-Kindergarten Program.  Additionally, students receive instruction in language, reading, vocabulary, spelling, arithmetic, time, money and physical education.


 Additionally,  the Pre-Kindergarten program at Romar Academy uses a multi sensory developmental approach to curriculum development. Activities are used that stimulate the senses of sight, touch, hearing, smell, and taste. The children’s receptive and expressive language is enhanced through the use of nursery rhymes, poetry, various books, and discussions. Activities are aimed at increasing observation, comparison, exploration, testing, inquiry, problem solving skills, and group cooperation. Development in the knowledge of self, home, family, transportation, and the community is emphasized.


Qualls Early Learning Inventory (QELI)


The QELI assessment is administered to two-year old students (spring only), three-year old preschool students and pre-kindergarten students in the fall and spring of each academic year as a means of measuring a student’s progress, a teacher’s efficiency, the depth and content of Romar’s curriculum.


Students are tested in the areas of General Knowledge (common information and general facts expected of young children), Oral Communication (how well a student communicates ideas, describes what has been seen or  heard, or asks about things), Written Language (recognition and use of written words), Math Concepts (understanding and use of beginning mathematical ideas and processes), Work Habits (manner in which students seek and respond to learning opportunities) and Attentive Behavior (ability to sustain focus on classroom activities).


Scoring sheets are completed by teachers based upon a child’s work, reviewed by administration and mailed for scoring.  When received, results are forwarded to parents and interpreted by teacher.


Pre-Kindergarten Fees & Tuition Schedule


Application Fee: $250 (non-refundable)

Enrollment Fee: $250 (non-refundable and recurring for each year to reserve space for child)


Tuition is the amount charged to complete an academic year, August - July.


Annual Payment Plan (Due July 1st): $8,710.00

Quarterly Payment Plan (July, October, January, April): $2,178.00

Per Month Payment Plan (10 payments): $871.00 requires automatic draft through enrollment in SMART

Per Month Payment Plan (11 payments): $792.00 requires automatic draft through enrollment in SMART

Per Month Payment Plan (12 payments): $726.00 requires automatic draft through enrollment in SMART


After 6:00PM Rate is the fee charged for students remaining after 6:05PM: $2 per minute

** If children have not been picked up by 6:15PM, Romar Academy will contact the proper authorities.

*** This fee is due daily.


Other Costs:


Workbooks - Books are purchased from the school.

Standardized Testing - Qualls Early Learning Inventory ($99)

Technology Fee - $125

Field Trips - Payable as needed. ($100 per year)

PTA Dues - Yearly Membership ($40 per family)

Extra-Curricular Activities - Payable on a monthly basis per activity.

Summer Institute Fee - Payable on a monthly basis per activity ($100).


Dress Code


All preschool students are required to wear the yellow shirt with logo. In addition, all two, three, and four year olds should have at school a complete change of clothing, a sheet, and a lightweight blanket.  These items should be clearly marked with the child’s name on each item.  Day Care Licensing mandates that hair beads and jewelry are not allowed because they present a choking hazard.


Key Benefits


Dedicated & Skilled Teachers

High Level Credentials Years of Experience

Small & Structured Classrooms

• Student teacher ratio = 1:15

• Average number of students to a class: 15


Advanced/Accelerated Curriculum

• Science, Math, Reading, & Social Studies

• Physical Education

• Computer Literacy Education


Cultural Teachings/Exposure

• Spanish

• African American Studies

• International Day


School Trips




Pre-School Program is open daily from 7:00am to 6:00pm.  The academic portion of the school day is from 8:30am to 3:30pm. Parents of preschoolers should make every effort to have their children in school by 8:30am. Parents must escort preschool children to and from the classroom, sign them in upon arrival and sign them out upon departure. No one under 18 will be allowed to pick-up students or sign them in or out.


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