Academics: Primary School (K-2)

The Primary Program at Romar Academy includes students in Kindergarten through second grade. The Primary curriculum is based on phonics – for building a subset of skills necessary for proficient reading – and the scientific inquiry and investigation to help students explore the various subject matters through interactive learning and the use of manipulatives.  By advancing its strategies while steadfast to the principles and beliefs Romar Academy was founded, the practice of developing a student’s thinking skills necessary to solve problems at school, in the community and with comrades will continue.


Students receive basic academic instruction in spelling, reading and vocabulary, language skills, mathematics, science, social studies, computer literacy, music, art, Spanish and physical education.  In addition, the students visit the school’s library and computer lab bi-weekly for instruction in sharpening their vocational skills, completion of research assignments and for checking out books.  Further, all classrooms are equipped with computers that are used to complement classroom instruction on an individual basis to sharpen their math, language, and reasoning skills.


It is the belief that all students who attend Romar Academy should graduate having discovered their unique talents and gifts that will become more developed as they climb the academic ladder.  To discover these talents and gifts as well as encourage academic excellence, Romar Academy uses its fine arts programs (International Day Festival, Grandparent’s Day, etc.), academic events (spelling contests, 600-Minute Reading Club, Science Bowl, annual science fair, Honors Banquet, etc.), monthly assembly programs, dynamic field trips, commitment to community (quarterly community projects), research projects (annual science fair, monthly book reports, etc.), cultural events (Mardi Gras, African-American cultural events).


Class size for first to second grade is limited to 18 - 20 students per teacher.  In kindergarten, class size is limited to 22 students with one teacher and one assistant teacher.  Students are admitted to Romar Academy based on a satisfactory academic performance from their previous school.


After-School Program


The After-School Program is a structured program designed to be an extension of the school day.  By enrolling in the After-School Program, students may participate in extracurricular activities (Math Olympiad, Science Club, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Gymnastics, Ballet, Cheerleading, Karate, Piano, Percussion/Keyboard, Soccer, and Basketball) throughout the week.  The After-School Program provides academic studies as well as physical activities, arts and crafts, music, and computer time.


Students are allotted time to complete homework daily; however, it is not mandatory to complete all homework before progressing to the next activity.  The After-School schedule is subject to change according to weather and other extracurricular activities.


The After-School Program operates Monday - Friday from 3:00pm until 6:00pm.  After-School fees must be paid with tuition unless the student is on a daily schedule.  Please see tuition schedule for rates.  All students must be picked up by 6:00pm.  The late fee is $2.00 per minute after 6:05pm.  The total late fee must be paid in cash directly to the After-School staff at the time of pick-up.


Kindergarten - 2nd Grade:


Snack: 3:00pm -> 3:30pm

Bathroom: 3:30pm -> 3:45pm

Homework: 3:45pm -> 5:00pm

Free Time: 5:00pm -> 6:00pm

Free Time: 5:15pm -> 6:00pm


3rd - 6th grade:


Pack-up: 3:00pm -> 3:15pm

Snack: 3:15pm -> 3:45pm

Bathroom: 3:45pm -> 4:00pm

Homework: 4:00pm -> 5:15pm


Free time consists various board games, Wii games, outside games and/or group activities.


Preparatory School Fees & Tuition Schedule


Application Fee: $250 (non-refundable)

Enrollment Fee: $250 (non-refundable and recurring for each year to reserve space for child)


Tuition is the amount charged to complete an academic year, August - July and there is no charge for Summer Enrichment (June & July).


Annual Payment Plan (Due July 1st): $8,770.00

Quarterly Payment Plan (July, October, January, April): $2,193.00

Per Month Payment Plan (10 payments): $877.00 requires automatic draft through enrollment in SMART

Per Month Payment Plan (11 payments): $797.00 requires automatic draft through enrollment in SMART

Per Month Payment Plan (12 payments): $731.00 requires automatic draft through enrollment in SMART


After 6:00PM Rate is the fee charged for students remaining after 6:05PM: $2 per minute

** If children have not been picked up by 6:15PM, Romar Academy will contact the proper authorities.

*** This fee is due daily.


Other Costs:


Lunch - $450 Yearly. (Payable over tuition plan)

Textbooks - Books are ordered at time of registration/reservation fee payment.

Technology Fee - $125

PTA Dues - Yearly Membership ($40 per family)

Extra-Curricular Activities - Payable on a monthly basis per activity.

Standardized Testing - Kindergarten - >6th Grade ($125)

Field Trips - Payable as needed. ($200 per year)

PTA Dues - Yearly Membership ($40 per family)

Summer Institute Fee - Payable as needed. ($200)

After-School Daily Rate - $12 is the fee charged for students K-5 not enrolled in the After-School Program.  The fee is payable daily.

Summer Adventure Program takes place during June and July.  There is no charge for June and July, however the activity fees are paid weekly.

The Development Program (Special Needs) is an educational program that accounts for various services offered by Romar Academy.  The Development Program/Special Needs rate is $11,450 per child per year (August through July).


Dress Code


Students in grades K-6th are required to wear uniforms at all times bearing the Romar Academy logo. Failure to wear the required uniform will result in dismissal for that day.  Uniforms may be ordered by visiting Buckhead School Uniforms' website.


Uniform for BOYS consists of:




yellow dress (button-down) shirt  or yellow dress (button down) shirt

black dress pants w/belt

black dress shoes


Spring & Fall:


yellow dress (button-down) shirt  or yellow dress (button down) shirt

black knee-length dress shorts (w/belt)

black dress shoes


Uniform for GIRLS consists of:




yellow blouse w/Peter Pan collar or  yellow blouse w/Peter Pan collar

black plaid jumper w/tie cross*

black dress pants

black dress shoes


*Girls may wear black tights w/plaid jumper during winter months only.


Spring & Fall:


black plaid jumper w/tie cross

black dress shorts

black dress shoes


Preparatory School (3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades) students have the following requirements:


Only black socks should be worn with the uniform.

Black belts are required for pants and shorts.

Black blazers are required during the winter months.

Students are required to purchase one Romar Academy sweat suit for winter physical education attire (purchased through Romar).

Uniforms may be purchased at Buckhead School Uniforms ( only.  Information for obtaining uniforms is available in the office.


Key Benefits


Dedicated & Skilled Teachers

High Level Credentials Years of Experience

Small & Structured Classrooms

• Student teacher ratio = 1:15

• Average number of students to a class: 15


Advanced/Accelerated Curriculum

• Science, Math, Reading, & Social Studies

• Physical Education

• Computer Literacy Education


Cultural Teachings/Exposure

• Spanish

• African American Studies

• International Day


School Trips




Pre-School Program is open daily from 7:00am to 6:00pm.  The academic portion of the school day is from 8:30am to 3:30pm. Parents of preschoolers should make every effort to have their children in school by 8:30am. Parents must escort preschool children to and from the classroom, sign them in upon arrival and sign them out upon departure. No one under 18 will be allowed to pick-up students or sign them in or out.


Class size for First to Fifth Grade is limited to 18 students per teacher. In Kindergarten, class size is limited to 22 students with one teacher and one assistant teacher. Students that need academic assistance in particular areas are helped by school personnel and teachers who share both the ability and commitment to respond to the individual learning needs of each student.


Please visit the specific classroom pages to the left for more detailed information about each level.  Core courses in Kindergarten through Second Grade are structured in a manner that students are able to master in-depth content, while developing superior academic skills in an active learning environment.


Students are tested in the Fall and Spring of each year using the Iowa Test of Basic Skills to measure proficiency on a national basis. Additionally, learning is enhanced through the integration of arts, investigational and stimulating field trips, exposure to various cultural activities and performances which emphasize public speaking.  Our intentions are to develop a well-rounded child who progresses academically with a broad view and scope.


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